Welcome to Visudesigns

I am Visu, Visual, User Interface / User Experience / Interaction Designer & Painter

About 14 years, highly experienced in User Interface, Interaction design & Visual designing, for Web based applications, Corporate Web sites, specialized hand drawing, painting, visual effects, branding and corporate identities Intranets using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Axure RP, Sketch, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator, cral drwaw etc.

My passion is to tie the goals of both the client and end user together. I take pride and joy in figuring out how to balance the goals of each side through each stage of the Design Thinking process. It is a true pleasure to transform complex ideas and design

Experience in requirements gathering, information architecture, prototype development, Wire frames development and documenting the front-end requirements and style guides. Good at Search engine optimization and web promotion through different media.

Have bachelor degree in Fine Arts (BFA) from JNTU University, Expanding my horizon in design. I have significantly advanced user interface design, websites, identity, branding, project development skills, and I am planning on continuing these endeavors. I like working for a lot of different kinds of people in a lot of different industries, and i love to hear your fresh ideas about new projects.

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